Causal Functions of English Discourse Markers (EDMs) in the Students’ Writing Hortatory Exposition Text Facing the Industry Era 4.0

Susanto, Dias Andris and Mujiyanto, Januarius and Bharati, Dwi Anggani L and Sutopo, Djoko (2019) Causal Functions of English Discourse Markers (EDMs) in the Students’ Writing Hortatory Exposition Text Facing the Industry Era 4.0. International Journal of Language, Literature and Culture. (In Press)

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Facing the industry era 4.0 students need to be able to make a good writing which is coherence and cohesion. Using the proper EDMs in sentences and paragraphs make them semantically and lexically accepted in written global communication. This study investigated the use of causal markers function in the Hortatory Exposition text by the third semester students of Universitas PGRI Semarang. According to Feng (2010), some causal markers function are summarized as follows; so, because, consequently, it follows, for, because, under the circumstances, for this reason, etc. The objectives of this study are to find out the causal function markers realized in Hortatory Exposition Text and to find out the most dominant functions realized. The data was statistically analyzed and categorized using a qualitative approach. The subjects were consisted of 37 respondents. Through collecting the Hortatory Exposition text written by each student, the writers analyzed the causal marker functions which were used in its text. The writers collected the texts and read them intensively. Afterwards we analyzed each sentence which was observed attentively, then found out the English Discourse Markers (EDMs) which was realized in its text. Finally some causals were classified in detail. Lastly, the result of the analysis shows that the causal markers function has 71 clauses. There are ten causal function markers used by the students, such as; still, because, because of, so, also cause, for the reason, because of that, in order to, it can cause, caused by. The most dominant causal marker function that used by the students in Hortatory Exposition text is “because”. There are 50 clauses that use “because” as the causal marker functions. It means that 70, 42% of the causal markers used in the text. This study shows that the text of hortatory written by students mostly common use the EDMs “because” since it is very familiar known by students rather then the other causal EDMs. The suggestion is that writing teachers need to plug and touch EDMs in their teaching material to support its writing coherence and cohesion. Keywords Causal Discourse Markers, Function, Hortatory Exposition Text

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