The Profile of Critical Thinking of Senior High School Students In Mathematics Problem Solving: Intermediate Mathematics Skills

Rasiman, Rasiman (2015) The Profile of Critical Thinking of Senior High School Students In Mathematics Problem Solving: Intermediate Mathematics Skills. International Conference Enhancing Education Quality in Facing Asian Comunity. pp. 447-456. ISSN 978-602-8047-83-8

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The aim of this research was to describe the profile of critical thinking at Senior high school students in mathematics problems solving with intermediate Mathematics skills. This is a qualitative-exploratory research conducted at SMA Negeri 1 Semarang by using one student as a subject, with intermediate mathematics skills. The profile of critical thinking research subjects with intermediate mathematics skills was conducted through steps as follows: (i) understanding the problem, at determination step the subject can mention all data, the subject has been expressed clearly and in detail. In the decisive step in question is using the right information, so that the subject can mention the subject matter thoroughly and carefully, (ii) the plan of problem solving, the first subject can reveal the facts of the matter are provided with appropriate and justify appropriate capabilities previously. Second, in planning the steps that will be used to resolve the issue, the subject of research suggests gradual steps, but not yet detailed and accurate. Third, in revealing the definition or rules in order to solve the problem has been done properly and systematically, yet not exhaustive and detailed, (iii) carrying out the solution, the first step of selecting the method or steps that had to do with precisely known. Second, when revealing the definition or rules to resolve the problem, the subject and do not have trouble remembering the rules of trigonometry known before. Third, in carrying out the calculation profile, the subject can work correctly after doing the calculations made outside the plan, (iv) re-examine profile, first the subject has not been an evaluation of the steps that have been made carefully, because the subject just re-read the steps one by one. Second, the study subjects believed that the final answer is correct, for rereading, although the subject of count back at simplifying the comparison of two numbers. Third, the study subjects were not able to draw conclusions based on reason. Keywords: critical thinking, mathematics problems, mathematics skills

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